Sustainable Capacity Building Programs

The Energy Regulation Centre of Excellence(ERCE) is a premier regional capacity-building institution hosted by the Energy Regulators Association of East Africa Secretariat in Arusha, Tanzania. The institution was created after a consultative meeting between the national regulatory institutions, development partners and other regional regulatory Associations to

spearhead sustainable capacity building in the Eastern Africa region. The centre aims to contribute, by its activities in the fields of higher

education and research, to the development of the energy markets and scientific heritage of Eastern Africa as a whole and its constituent parts. It is concerned with the great movement and institutions that characterise the development of the energy markets in Africa, taking into account the development of power pools and accelerating energy access in Africa.

The centre is also a forum for exchanging and discussing ideas and experiences in subjects falling within the areas of study and research with which it is concerned. It offers several courses along the following themes:  Energy Economics and Regulation, Energy Law, Electricity markets, Energy and climate  and Petroleum and Gas

The governing body of the centre of excellence is the Governing Board, whose membership is drawn from the representatives of the national regulatory institutions of East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi) and the regional regulatory associations.

The tailor-made courses are facilitated by highly trained faculty in the energy sector’s top management, thus providing practical experience in the energy sector, especially in energy regulation. The centre also partners with other academic institutions and development partners to offer e-learning and on-site programs. In addition, the centre manages and publishes a unique and high-quality journal called the African Journal of Energy Markets(AJEM).