• Editor-in-Chief

    Dr. John Mutua

    Energy Economist and Director of Economic Regulation Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority

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    Assistant Editor-in -Chief

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    Dr. Yakubu Abdul-Salam

    Applied Economist

    Aberdeen Centre for Research in Economics and Finance, Program director of the MSc/LLM Energy Economics and Law

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    Dr. Diana Ngui

    Senior Research Economist

    School of Economics, Kenyatta University

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    Dr. Pontian Okoli

    Lecturer and  Law Researcher

    University of Stirling

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    • Dr. Richard Okou
    • Dr. Geoffrey Mabea
    • Dr. Geoffrey Okoboi
    • Dr. Fenwicks Shombe Musonye
    • Dr. Mohamedain Seir
    • Prof. Askwar Hilonga
    • Dr. Franscisca Kusi Appiah
    • Dr. Frederick Nyang
    • Dr. Victoria Nalule
    • Prof. Nicodemus Abungu
    • Dr. Willys O. Chache
    • Dr. Shirley Mushi
    • Dr. Aloys Rugazia

    Editorial board