1. Guide for Author
    1. Language

We encourage you to send your manuscript written in good English( American or British is accepted). Should you require English language Editing services, we recommend that you consider reliable and experienced Editing services or send a request to our editor for guidance.

  1. Publishing ethics Authors

 Authors are expected to submit original research with the highest level of accuracy and objectivity. The article should be written in a clear and succinct language  and devoid of ethical violations such as Plagiarism, self-plagiarism, attribution, coercive citation, defamation, fabricated data

 Or conflicts of interest. The paper should not have been published in another journal or is under consideration by another publisher.   The article must be accurately represented with accurate accreditation to co-authors and also not infringe the rights of other people.

  1. Reviewers

Reviewers must observe confidentiality when handling the authors’ work. The material should not be shared with any third party without express permission from the editor. The Reviewers must act impartially, be objective and alert the editor of any possible conflict of interest.